Tell me and I'll forget: Show me and I'll remember: Involve me and I'll understand- Ancient Chinese Proverb

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ICTs and Kindergarten Education

After a long 3 hour battle with imovie not uploading my movie I have created to YouTube, I had to export to my phoyos, upload to drop box then use my PC, I can present my video located here.

I have had a lot of help from the children within the Kindergarten class I have been basing my video on, they were all very keen to answer questions and pose for the camera.

Here are the references to videos with examples

Introducing Young Children to Technology

Computer Explorers-Tech Stars

Mrs Judd’s GamesVideo Link

The theorists information was located at these sites

John Dewey

Jean Piaget 

The Curriculum documents are located here

The Early Years Learning Framework

Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines

The Australian Curriculum- Technology 



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$2 for 500 turns, you would be a fool to miss out on that deal!

 What a heart warming video about Caine’s Arcade. I was in tears when I saw the look on his face, the pride and excitement was clearly visible.

I can recognize the purpose of ICT’s to enhance student’s learning very clearly. I see the video as a documenting tool not only for learning purposes but for the families to share in the future. Just as when I was young looking at old photos in a photo album of my childhood now the computers have made it easier to store all the precious memories in one hand location to access at any time with anyone.

I love the ability the internet has to connect people with their community and the world. This video and the journey was followed and shared by thousands of people who were interested in the story. Creating these child and community bonds are an essential tool for children to build respect of their community and strong bonds. After all as Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological system highlight the way the community affects a child’s development and growth. 

Lastly the child’s emotional welbeing is being fostered and supported. Their confidence and sense of self is being reflected within the video’s which build’s for a stronger emotional stability and a healthier view of themselves. They can see the impact and effect they have on other’s when engaging with ICT’s in this way.

I think online tools are a good way to enhance a lot of learning experiences and add a sense of individualness and self reflection children need to develop for their futures. 

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ICT’s and Year 10: Good Luck to you!

Wow! was the first thought when I was reading the learning continuum for the ICT capability. I was in utter shock at the high expectations for engaging and using ICTs. I thought back to my year 10 classes and remember struggling with excel! 

As difficult as it would be for me to meet these standards if I was back in year 10 I think it is reflective our the level and ability many students have using technology and how much I underestimate them. Most students have had lots of practice and experience using technologies over their short lives and it is a reality we have to face.

I feel like I am able to meet the year 10 requirements now but am still learning a lot of little tricks and tips to make it easier on myself. Although I feel comfortable at this level now I know it will change as technology advances and changes and I am prepared to change and adapt with it.

I just want to mention as well how glad I am about the students learning the consequences of social media and online bullying. It is something that will effect our students and giving them tools and strategies to cope with this is a smart move by our education system.

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Diigo; Understanding The Tool Effectively

I have the same attitude Lauren! I feel comfortable with wordpress and use this tool more. I enjoyed the article and found myself reflecting on my own views. Thanks


During the beginning of this course I found it extremely difficult to understand the schemata of Diigo. This is due to my ‘go for it now’ attitude and read the ‘how to’ manual later. After signing up I realised highlighting text on a webpage would bring up a toolbar. I then decided it was time to sit down and dig through the forums to find information of the benefits and difficulties people are experiencing with the tool. At first I didn’t understand the concept that you could privately comment on resources and share them with others. After enrolling in this course I must say that I am entering a whole new world of useful tools I never imagined possible. Although I may classed as Generation Y or iGeneration I unfortunately am not as tech savvy as my other cohorts. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote an interesting article on our technology…

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Where I am situated with ICTs and Pedagogy

After reading the table on study desk reflecting different teacher stages with ICTs I found myself reflecting with my past work history through educations. I have been in the childcare industry for 5 years and can say I have been up and down through the stages depending on resources available to me and the age group I am working with. Over all I believe I am in the middle group-

Investigation The teacher has developed an interest in using ICT with students and is beginning to act on this interest.

I feel I have a closed mind when integrating ICTs in the classroom. Basically Google or YouTube a child’s question. There are so many more opportunities I can see now after reading into the topic. I need to sit down and do my own research for resources such as ones to use with interactive whiteboards to properly utilize the tool. I need to take time to explore the programs to build my confidence and stimulate my imagination to create learning tools.

My experiences would look different depending on topic and child. I would strive to create experiences the can be dynamic so they have the ability to change and be used for a variety of learners. I believe the experiences should vary with different medium so they don’t get stale and the children get board. I also want the children to be involved in shaping and contributing to different aspects of the experiences reflecting their ideas, concepts, knowledge and interest creating a learning experience in its own.  

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Tasks and Tools

This week we have been asked to apply the TEST framework to a issue we are having with the course as you all are aware of. Wasn’t too difficult for me to select my issue: The overwhelming workload of this subject, my other three, work, family and me time. Each is just as important as the next and together they create the delicate balance of my life. Once reading a few tips on the Google documents I applied those and a few of my own strategies.


Balancing work, uni and family obligations along with planning me time so I don’t loose my mind.


Online, workplace and home. 


I have had a chance to engage with all online tools (WordPress, Study Desk) so nothing too new.


Set a routine for myself

Calender with dates of uni, work and family obligations (colour coded for quick viewing)

Uni date book with notes of each subject, due dates, deadlines ect.

Keep calm and organized

Set realistic expectations for self (I’m more of an optimums in this area)