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Information Overload

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Wow! What an interesting video. I too am suffering with the information overload like all students I believe. For some reason I feel a bit more at easy about the work load. As frustrated as I get it is a reality check of how important balancing the different online resources are to assist our future students really is.

Adventures of a preservice teacher

I was looking at YouTube today and found this video that I had seen before in another subject but I find it quite relevant to our course at the moment. I am suffering information overload, like many of my peers, but I found this video rather grounding in what information is really out there. I particularly find the parts about the IT courses being irrelevant even before a student has finished quite interesting. This just proves that we, as pre-service teachers, really need to stay on our toes to manage all of this new technology. We really are teaching students for jobs that are yet to be created and to solve problems that haven’t occured yet!

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