Tell me and I'll forget: Show me and I'll remember: Involve me and I'll understand- Ancient Chinese Proverb

Diigo; Understanding The Tool Effectively

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I have the same attitude Lauren! I feel comfortable with wordpress and use this tool more. I enjoyed the article and found myself reflecting on my own views. Thanks


During the beginning of this course I found it extremely difficult to understand the schemata of Diigo. This is due to my ‘go for it now’ attitude and read the ‘how to’ manual later. After signing up I realised highlighting text on a webpage would bring up a toolbar. I then decided it was time to sit down and dig through the forums to find information of the benefits and difficulties people are experiencing with the tool. At first I didn’t understand the concept that you could privately comment on resources and share them with others. After enrolling in this course I must say that I am entering a whole new world of useful tools I never imagined possible. Although I may classed as Generation Y or iGeneration I unfortunately am not as tech savvy as my other cohorts. The Sydney Morning Herald wrote an interesting article on our technology…

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I have a passion for Early Education. I enjoy working in the childcare setting and have been working in it for many years. A few hobbies of mine include spending time with family and friends, drawing and being crafty, watching movies and cooking.

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