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ICT’s and Year 10: Good Luck to you!

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Wow! was the first thought when I was reading the learning continuum for the ICT capability. I was in utter shock at the high expectations for engaging and using ICTs. I thought back to my year 10 classes and remember struggling with excel! 

As difficult as it would be for me to meet these standards if I was back in year 10 I think it is reflective our the level and ability many students have using technology and how much I underestimate them. Most students have had lots of practice and experience using technologies over their short lives and it is a reality we have to face.

I feel like I am able to meet the year 10 requirements now but am still learning a lot of little tricks and tips to make it easier on myself. Although I feel comfortable at this level now I know it will change as technology advances and changes and I am prepared to change and adapt with it.

I just want to mention as well how glad I am about the students learning the consequences of social media and online bullying. It is something that will effect our students and giving them tools and strategies to cope with this is a smart move by our education system.


Author: tegansinclair

I have a passion for Early Education. I enjoy working in the childcare setting and have been working in it for many years. A few hobbies of mine include spending time with family and friends, drawing and being crafty, watching movies and cooking.

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