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$2 for 500 turns, you would be a fool to miss out on that deal!

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 What a heart warming video about Caine’s Arcade. I was in tears when I saw the look on his face, the pride and excitement was clearly visible.

I can recognize the purpose of ICT’s to enhance student’s learning very clearly. I see the video as a documenting tool not only for learning purposes but for the families to share in the future. Just as when I was young looking at old photos in a photo album of my childhood now the computers have made it easier to store all the precious memories in one hand location to access at any time with anyone.

I love the ability the internet has to connect people with their community and the world. This video and the journey was followed and shared by thousands of people who were interested in the story. Creating these child and community bonds are an essential tool for children to build respect of their community and strong bonds. After all as Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological system highlight the way the community affects a child’s development and growth. 

Lastly the child’s emotional welbeing is being fostered and supported. Their confidence and sense of self is being reflected within the video’s which build’s for a stronger emotional stability and a healthier view of themselves. They can see the impact and effect they have on other’s when engaging with ICT’s in this way.

I think online tools are a good way to enhance a lot of learning experiences and add a sense of individualness and self reflection children need to develop for their futures. 


Author: tegansinclair

I have a passion for Early Education. I enjoy working in the childcare setting and have been working in it for many years. A few hobbies of mine include spending time with family and friends, drawing and being crafty, watching movies and cooking.

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