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Assessment 2, let’s do this!

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I know it’s late but as many of us know between uni, work and life sometimes late is all you can offer.

Context: Prep classroom, Geography 

Learning Objectives: The representation of the location of places and their features on maps and a globe (ACHGK001)

Skills: Make observations about familiar places and pose questions about them (ACHGS001)

Represent the location of features of a familiar place on pictorial maps and models (ACHGS003)


By the end Foundation Year, students describe the features of familiar places and recognise why some places are special to people. Theyrecognise that places can be represented on maps and a globe and why places are important to people.

Students observe the familiar features of places and represent these features and their location on pictorial maps and models. They share observations in a range of texts and use everyday language to describe direction and location. Students reflect on their learning to suggest ways they can care for a familiar place.


Author: tegansinclair

I have a passion for Early Education. I enjoy working in the childcare setting and have been working in it for many years. A few hobbies of mine include spending time with family and friends, drawing and being crafty, watching movies and cooking.

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