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Assessment 2 DONE!

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I know I said I wouldn’t take the extension we were grated by David lightly but the heavy uni workload and full time work obligations things got pushed back again. But on the bright side I can proudly say I have finished my second assessment.

ICTs and education was once a scary topic for myself trying to think of all these creative and original ways to integrate ICTs but after module 2 I see the value in ICTs with a purpose. Using simple ideas like paint and Google maps is a powerful tool in its own and just because I uses it on a regular basis doesn’t mean there is no value in it for education. 

Now that I have completed assessment 2 with a renewed faith in integrating ICTs with a pedagogical framework I am happy to say bring on prac!


Author: tegansinclair

I have a passion for Early Education. I enjoy working in the childcare setting and have been working in it for many years. A few hobbies of mine include spending time with family and friends, drawing and being crafty, watching movies and cooking.

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