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The end…NOT!

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What an interesting video! After watching the short video of Technology History within the Classroom and reading Sophie’s blog I have had to rethink my views on the course. Yes I will still use ICTs within my teaching but I didn’t really appreciate how much more depth and energy I am going to have to employ to continually develop my knowledge of the evolving ICTs in the classroom. Practice with the software and research into the tech relevant to me is important to develop my skills an abilities.

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With assignment three complete and almost ready for submission, I am at the end of EDC3100. What a journey it has been, difficult and frustrating at times, but well worth the stress. You may be wondering why this final blog post is titled “The end…NOT!” While looking for something to sum up how I am feeling about ICT integration within the classroom, I instead came across this YouTube clip which outlines the history of technology.

Since this video was created by SMART Technologies, obviously once it gets to 2000 it is pretty much advertising its own products. However, what interested me most what the question posed at the very end, “how are you going to shape the classroom of tomorrow?” This course has inspired me in many different ways and has changed the way I consider ICT integration in the classroom. But the main understanding I am taking from this course…

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