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Bring on Prac!

Finally know where I am going and a lot of my anxiety is gone. I have already contacted my mentor teacher to organize a meeting prior to commencing so I can learn a bit about the teacher’s expectations and  the children. With some prior knowledge about the class I feel I will be able to prepare myself a bit better and possibly meet a the children before I officially begin. 

I have found a great source of information from a friend also studying her Bachelor of Education. She has already done prac with the same age group I am with. I know her experience will be different to mine but having the opportunity to pick her brain about her experience has relaxed me quiet a lot. 

I am finding myself being quiet nervous as this will be my first time teaching in a school. I have been in the childcare sector for 6 years and this is where I am truly comfortable. I have not problem walking in any room within this setting and taking control when I am needed but the though of school is a bit daunting. I am sure once I meet my mentor teacher and the class I will feel much more comfotable.


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Assessment 2 DONE!

I know I said I wouldn’t take the extension we were grated by David lightly but the heavy uni workload and full time work obligations things got pushed back again. But on the bright side I can proudly say I have finished my second assessment.

ICTs and education was once a scary topic for myself trying to think of all these creative and original ways to integrate ICTs but after module 2 I see the value in ICTs with a purpose. Using simple ideas like paint and Google maps is a powerful tool in its own and just because I uses it on a regular basis doesn’t mean there is no value in it for education. 

Now that I have completed assessment 2 with a renewed faith in integrating ICTs with a pedagogical framework I am happy to say bring on prac!

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Assessment 2, let’s do this!

I know it’s late but as many of us know between uni, work and life sometimes late is all you can offer.

Context: Prep classroom, Geography 

Learning Objectives: The representation of the location of places and their features on maps and a globe (ACHGK001)

Skills: Make observations about familiar places and pose questions about them (ACHGS001)

Represent the location of features of a familiar place on pictorial maps and models (ACHGS003)


By the end Foundation Year, students describe the features of familiar places and recognise why some places are special to people. Theyrecognise that places can be represented on maps and a globe and why places are important to people.

Students observe the familiar features of places and represent these features and their location on pictorial maps and models. They share observations in a range of texts and use everyday language to describe direction and location. Students reflect on their learning to suggest ways they can care for a familiar place.

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There is a God.. His name is David.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is relieved with the breathing room David’s extension has offered the ICT students. I really like Kathleen’s comments about not being complacent and it really made me feel driven to provide my beats work. Thanks Kathleen for the inspiration!

The Weblog of Kathleen McCallum

These words are possible the greatest words I have ever read…


I’d like to announce a 1 week “extension” for all students for Assignment 2.

i.e. Assignment 2 is meant to be due on the 28th April (this coming Monday). Instead it will be due on the 5th of May.

This “extension” applies to all parts of the Assignment, including the learning journal. 

I’ll be modifying various aspects of the Study Desk and EASE later on today.

Normally I prefer to see one week between covering any new material required for an assignment, and when that assignment is due. This “extension” is to ensure you have a week between the week 8 learning path and when you need to submit Assignment 2.

Of course, you can feel free to submit early.

If you are amongst the 6 students who have already submitted, if you’d like the opportunity to resubmit…

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ICTs and Kindergarten Education

After a long 3 hour battle with imovie not uploading my movie I have created to YouTube, I had to export to my phoyos, upload to drop box then use my PC, I can present my video located here.

I have had a lot of help from the children within the Kindergarten class I have been basing my video on, they were all very keen to answer questions and pose for the camera.

Here are the references to videos with examples

Introducing Young Children to Technology

Computer Explorers-Tech Stars

Mrs Judd’s GamesVideo Link

The theorists information was located at these sites

John Dewey

Jean Piaget 

The Curriculum documents are located here

The Early Years Learning Framework

Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines

The Australian Curriculum- Technology 


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$2 for 500 turns, you would be a fool to miss out on that deal!

 What a heart warming video about Caine’s Arcade. I was in tears when I saw the look on his face, the pride and excitement was clearly visible.

I can recognize the purpose of ICT’s to enhance student’s learning very clearly. I see the video as a documenting tool not only for learning purposes but for the families to share in the future. Just as when I was young looking at old photos in a photo album of my childhood now the computers have made it easier to store all the precious memories in one hand location to access at any time with anyone.

I love the ability the internet has to connect people with their community and the world. This video and the journey was followed and shared by thousands of people who were interested in the story. Creating these child and community bonds are an essential tool for children to build respect of their community and strong bonds. After all as Urie Bronfenbrenner ecological system highlight the way the community affects a child’s development and growth. 

Lastly the child’s emotional welbeing is being fostered and supported. Their confidence and sense of self is being reflected within the video’s which build’s for a stronger emotional stability and a healthier view of themselves. They can see the impact and effect they have on other’s when engaging with ICT’s in this way.

I think online tools are a good way to enhance a lot of learning experiences and add a sense of individualness and self reflection children need to develop for their futures.