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To re blog or not to re blog….that is the question

It’s a hot topic within the digital spectrum of life. When working through the EDC3100 book I found myself questioning my integrity when re blogging another persons work. I see where it is a copyright issue and how people re blog to meet their target and create a fantasy of actually doing the work, but I see it as a complement and useful tool (when done right).

As an online student i LOVE reading other peoples blogs! I feel like I am not alone in this crazy Uni life where work, uni, family, friends and sleep are all smashed together into a blurry time (which is referred to as a semester on the University calendar). I see personal growth within myself and others as I read their blogs and thoughts and a kindred spirit with all my fellow students.

 I see re blogging like having a conversation AS LONG AS the re blogger comments back and shares their opinion. Re blogging is a powerful tool that needs to be done with integrity and  purpose. This is not always achievable with the internet but that’s the risk you take sharing your ideas and thoughts.